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Shots fired on Beech Street in Roslindale

Shortly before 7:25 p.m. on Tuesday, according to the Boston Police incident database. The database does not specify where on Beech, but some residents reported it was in the area of Grandview Street. Other residents reported hearing between six and nine shots.

It's at least the third incident involving gunfire in that part of Roslindale since July. On July 31, a man was shot in the head outside Nick's on Washington Street. On Sept. 21, somebody was shot at Washington and Haydn streets.

On July 14, a 14-year-old wearing an ankle bracelet was arrested on gun charges after police say they found him at Washington-Beech with a loaded gun.

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I live on Beech Street, at the far end where it becomes a dead-end.
That part of Beech Street is very quiet, mostly single-family owner-occupied homes.
Although just over a half-mile from Washington Street, it's a whole different atmosphere.
Grandview Street is just around half mile from the end of Beech Street.
While I'd never expect to hear gunshots at the dead end where I am, it still is a little close for comfort.

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