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T ambassador stabbed at Copley Square station

WBZ reports an argument turned into a stabbing this afternoon.





Hopefully this doesn't affect our relationship with the country of T.

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The customer didn't like the ambassador's response after he asked how he could get to Symphony Hall.

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Not funny

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MBTA Police mugshot? The ambassadors don't deserve this shit.

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Seriously, if they will publish a fare jumpers photo...

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Some T jobs are more dangerous than others. Bus drivers and Ambassadors top the list followed by inspectors and police.

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Copley Square needs the same kind of focus New York gave to Times Square, before it is totally out of control. The confluence of the park, the BPL, and Back Bay Station is like a magnet for the kind of people who would stab a T ambassador, or a TV reporter, or anyone who visits what once was one of our most attractive tourist areas. I don't live in the neighborhood anymore, but the decline, abetted by the city's neglect, has been clear for years. COVID has made it worse, and the coming recession/depression will destroy it.

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Do you know how much people complain about the disneyifcation of Times Sq? Not sure that's the example you want to give. (And NYC in the 70s and 80s was in far worse shape.)

Massachusett's unemployment rate has skyrocketed. They are about to make massive service cuts to the T. All forms of taxation are down and cities are quickly going broke. At best, the federal government is gridlocked. At worst, the GOP is looking to inflict maximum pain onto cities. Distrust between the police and citizens might be at an all time low. If there's some good news out there I'm not seeing it.

Not disagreeing Copley Sq needs attention but until basic services are met the best they can do is push the problem to other parts of the city.

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You can still find plenty of grit and authenticity in NYC, but in normal times, the cleaned up Midtown district drives NYC's tourist economy, which was comparatively moribund in the '70s. So, yeah, I would choose the same for Copley Square, and Downtown Crossing too, for that matter.

And after over a decade of unprecedented development and expansion -- with gazillions in taxes and licenses and fees, and near-zero interest rates for borrowing -- this city should be able to weather this storm and at the very least provide for basic services like public safety. If not, the greatest economy we're likely to see in our lifetimes has been wasted, and the entire political leadership should be strung up for gross negligence.

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...are the first refuge of blinkered imaginations.

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Good grief, you people are acting like Fallout 4 is a documentary.

Try spending some time actually walking around Copley Square one of these days - it's fine. Events like these are noteworthy because they're actually really, really rare.

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At certain times of day, the homeless situation is totally out of control in Copley.

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Ummm i dunno where you're from in Copley "CopleyScott" but the Copley I hung out in was always full of skaters, drunks, religious wackos, homeless, schizophrenic, bipolar weirdos. And also yuppies, rich kids, city workers, churchgoers, restaurant patrons, library members

Just walk quickly on your way to the Apple store, clutching your pearls tightly? You'll be fine

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When will the T start combat pay?

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The response by T management to this horrific incident is baffling. All they report is the victim doesn't work for the MBTA. As always should you or any of your fellow ambassadors be stabbed or assaulted the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This tape will self destruct in ten seconds

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