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Person shot on Horan Way in Mildred Hailey Apartments

Live Boston reports at least one person was shot on Horan Way around 8:20 p.m.



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I've said it once and open saying you to say it 1000 times it is just simply too dark in that development/apartment/housing complex,

They should just go ahead and super illuminate the area.

Most people got this screens and shades.
Most them are pulled down anyways because it terrified.

Someone Other than the perpetrators actually committing the crime. Others need to be held Accountable for their continual failures to provide adequate safety and stability.

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Boston Housing Authority needs to get the drug trafficking under control. It's really a nice tightknit community even though the drug dealing (which is the root of gangs and drugs) is common.

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Some of the best insight into this issue.

Gangs are a manifestation of a much larger “root” issue.

If there’s bugs at the pond, just complaining about the bugs is silly. Take a soil sample, understand the water quality...

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Specifically, perhaps add more dispensaries in the area so that local people patronize the legal market instead of the illegal one.

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Drugs aren’t the cause of these retaliatory shootings. Revenge is

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