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Man with two gun convictions waves loaded gun around in Mass. Ave. traffic confrontation, police say

Boston Police report arresting Rashid Parham, 22, of Canton, on charges he threatened another motorist with a gun loaded with 11 rounds on Massachusetts Avenue at Belvidere Street around 1:45 p.m. on Friday.

Police say officers found Parham in his car on Tremont Street, headed towards Melnea Cass Boulevard. He parked outside the Northeastern University Police Department on Columbus Avenue, and as BPD officers arrived, he tried to run away, but was apprehended a few doors down.

An inventory of the vehicle prior to towing led to the recovery of a Beretta S.A. 9mm firearm loaded with eleven rounds of live ammunition. The firearm was located inside of a fanny pack within the center console of the vehicle.

Parham was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, third offense, unlawful possession of a large-capacity feeding device and unlawful possession of a loaded firearm, police say.




...on his third charge of unlawfully carrying a firearm. I don't hold out much of a chance of this guy changing his ways.

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We’re talking about someone who thinks pulling a gun in Back Bay, in broad daylight, is a good way to resolve conflicts.

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Love that they always put the towns they happen to be living in. I know its not on you Adam to discover this, it just makes it seem like all of these suburbanites are hanging out in the City. Just like the gentlemen that decided to have a shootout in Woburn this weekend. Coming soon to a suburb near you - Boston gang wars.

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A quick google search puts the dude's formative years in Roslindale:

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Brain development continues until 26 in criminals. It's a different thing if you post stupid shit on Instagram as a 14-year old.

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Appears to take even longer in some criminals.


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I saw this happen from my apartment and have a couple of pics. Like 5 or so cops tackled the guy - sadly only one of the cops was wearing a mask.

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Maybe they had to act quick and didn’t have time to put a mask on? I for one thank them for doing this brave act without anyone getting hurt.

Oh also, why didn’t you go help them and show them how it should have been done, mask and all? Kinda selfish you have all the answers and still didn’t become a cop.

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Imagine reading about an repeat illegal gun carrying criminal being taken off of the street (again) without a shot being fired - and your 1st thought to comment is "Only 1 cop was wearing a mask during the arrest!"

The mental gymnastics some people can perform is amazing.

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That’s what you take from the story!!!!!!!

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