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Man already charged with Roxbury attack that left elderly resident lying unconscious in his own blood may have attacked an EMT first

Live Boston reports Boston Police are investigating whether Wyse Richardson, charged with beating a senior Pompeii Street resident during a burglary late on Christmas Eve may have also attacked an EMT at Boston Medical Center about 15 minutes earlier.

Live Boston reports the EMT was in the back of an ambulance with a man being transported from Columbia Road. When the driver pulled into one of the medical center's Albany Street bays, the man beat the EMT, jumped out of the ambulance and ran away.

The EMT was treated for serious, but non-life-threatening injuries.


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The police are abdicating their roles in society and are no longer arresting dangerous felons or wanted criminals. They are passing the buck and calling EMS to transport dangerous individuals off the streets and subways

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There are also "service providers " who call emt instead of BPD because they don't want the
Attention calling the police would bring to their agencies. The amount of unethical behavior by service providers is not ever talked about, but it is happening.

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