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Residents of South End apartment building grab, hold alleged bike thieves for police

Boston Police report residents of 345 Harrison Ave. made short work of two men suspected of trying to steal bicycles from the building bike room Monday afternoon.

Police say Robert Glavin, 38, of Jamaica Plain and Matthew Douglas, 49, of Lynn, were busy with a bolt cutter in the bike room shortly before 2:45 p.m. when a building concierge spotted them and notified a resident before calling police. The resident went to the room and confronted the pair. The three began to tussle, police say, adding that Glavin kicked the resident and ran, while the resident was able to contain Douglas.

A posse of male residents quickly formed - police did not specify how - and gave chase as Glavin ran onto Mullins Way, a short street next to their building. Police say they cornered him across the street at an Ink Block parking lot, where they got him to the ground just as officers arrived.

Officers recognized the detained male from prior interactions.

Police say both of the alleged failed bicycle thieves were charged with breaking and entering a building in the daytime and, naturally, possession of burglarious tools. Glavin was also charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon - his shod foot - possession of Class A, B and E drugs and receiving stolen property under $1,200. Police add Glavin already had five warrants for charges that include receiving stolen property, larceny from a building and armed robbery.

Innocent, etc.




Is there video of the 38 and 49yo sprinting away? That could be mildly entertaining, "my knee, my hip, these shoes are hurting my feet, I can't go any further!!!"

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I'm 38 and I could dunk on you all day son.

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But I bet I could do a pretty fast dash with an angry mob chasing me.

(They never seemed to catch Benny Hill all those times HE got chased.)

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These guys are so focused on just getting high and are already so fucked up on opioids that they don't realize how much they stick out like sore thumbs ...even if they're NOT trying to steal, rob, shoplift, etc. You don't need cable TV, just watch Downtown, North Station, Melnea Cass, etc. The sympathy days are over.

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We need treatment, and bring back chain gangs to keep them busy. I'm not suggesting a pat on the head and send him on his way. Those guys who detained him could have been stabbed like the guy who stole the Xbox.

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Lock up this middle aged low life until he is no longer middle aged.

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These guys tried to steal my bike about a month ago on Beacon Hill. Fortunately I was home at the time and was able to grab the bike from them before they got away with it.. So glad they finally got caught!

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