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Somebody thought he found a good place to stash a loaded gun on Morton Street but he was wrong

Boston Police report recovering a loaded gun on Morton Street between Wildwood and Theodore streets in Mattapan, thanks to a motorist who wondered why her rear license plate seemed to be newly bent Sunday afternoon.

Police say that around 12:30 p.m., the driver noticed her bent license plate and that when she went to try to bend it back into shape, "a firearm which had apparently been wedged between the bracket and the plate, fell to the ground," police say, adding it was a loaded 9-mm Jimenez Arms handgun.

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hope shes not being targeted.

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the guns get stashed someplace where they can be accessed quickly, under rocks, on parked car tires under mailboxes etc.

she's way more likely to be struck by a stray bullet than targeted

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If it is a threat then her enemy has some serious confidence to give her a loaded gun lol

My first impression was someone stashed it there temporarily and she drove off before they came back, or maybe they thought she would drive it to another part of the city and it would fall somewhere random, like a playground or school.

In any case it's another fine example of the type of upstanding people who buy from Jimenez Arms:

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Artistic license?

Pays to pay attention!

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(I am truly sorry for that)

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I think we should have historic walking tours increased to Doechester, Mattapn and Roxbury . Reclaim your neighborhood people if you really want to make a difference. Why should criminals, guns and srabbings rule and dictate!! So much historic architecture and green space and good food and small businesses. You get an F because of these jerks.

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the "somebody" is a "he"?

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