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Ashmont fare evader spits at T worker, who evades the saliva, police say

Transit Police report arresting a man already wanted on several warrants on charges he launched a loogie at a T worker insisting he pay his fare at the Ashmont Red Line station on Friday evening.

Police say Carlos Pires, 46, homeless, not only managed to get past the fare gate without paying, around 6:30 p.m., he then stood in the gate, preventing it from closing.

The MBTA employee requested he pay his fare and remove himself from the gate. As a response Pires began shouting profanities and then spat at the T employee (the employee was able to evade the spit).

Police say officers arrested Pires for the wet assault, then discovered he was already wanted on charges of assault and battery on ambulance personnel, two counts of threats to commit a crime, malicious destruction of property, open and gross lewdness, assault and battery on trespassing on railroad tracks, on warrants from Boston Municipal court and South Boston, Roxbury and Dorchester district courts.

Innocent, etc.

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Tax gasoline to pay for it. Cut down on loogie-throwing, security costs and carbon emissions.

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If the green line can be effectively free at above ground stations at rush hour, I don't see why T employees are putting any effort whatsoever toward fare enforcement. Just let it go, less friction, and as far as unfairness goes any individual incident is a tiny fraction of a drop in the bucket.

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