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Woman robs man of phone at Ashmont T station, then her pal threatens victim with a knife when he tries to get his phone back, police say

Transit Police report arresting a Dorchester couple for an armed robbery at Ashmont station Thursday night.

According to police,Tasheaka Buchanan, 26, of Dorchester, went up to a guy around 7:40 p.m., attacked him and reached into his pocket and grabbed his phone.

The victim followed the female assailant in a attempt to retrieve his phone back when the female's companion, a male, approached the victim armed with a knife and threatened to stab the victim. The victim backed away and the male and female fled the station.

Police say officers found Buchanan and Jaquan Braxton, 29, of Dorchester, not long after and charged them with armed robbery and assault by means of a dangerous weapon. Braxton was also charged with resisting arrest, police say.

The robbery came a week after a man was shot on Dorchester Avenue near the station.

Innocent, etc.

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I knew that name sounded familiar. IIRC, you reported on the same person who allegedly threw a woman from her wheelchair then kicked her in the head in November (sorry not good with posting links on my phone).

What a winner. Smh.

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Ashmont station is safer thanks to your efforts.

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