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Man found shot in car riddled with bullet holes in Dorchester

Fresh holes in car in Dorchester

Bullet holes and markers. Photo by Live Boston.

Live Boston reports a man shot at least twice was found in a car with multiple fresh bullet holes at Bowdoin and Hamilton streets in Dorchester around 5:40 p.m., about a half mile and ten minutes away from where the BPD ShotSpotter reported gunfire on Columbia Road, in front of the Lilla Frederick School.

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Live Boston is a well-known biased pro-law site. In this shooting children were not even in school so why mention it.

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BPS schools are in session four days a week with students currently in person on Fridays. This particular school is in session until 4:30. There is a very good chance that there were students still outside of school waiting for parents, late buses or playing. It’s clearly daylight on a busy street in front of a school, I think this is very relevant information and should be alarming to all in the community. This has nothing to do with biased news reporting.

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because that's where it happened? Maybe you'd rather they just said "on Columbia Rd", and left it at that, because you think that's a short street?

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I take Live Boston with a big grain of salt but I also apply the same skepticism to sites that are specifically anti-police.

Both groups exaggerate and omit when it serves their purposes. But both can offer useful details at times.

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How many bullet holes constitute a ridldling?

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