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Man shot repeatedly at Dublin House in Dorchester

Live Boston reports a man was found with several gunshot wounds outside the Dublin House, Stoughton Street at Columbia Road in Uphams Corner, around 1:20 a.m.

Photo by Live Boston:

Victim at the scene

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It's interesting how so many places get shut down (or liquor license pulled, leading to shutdown) as trouble-spots, yet this one keeps going and going. Haven't there been enough small and large problems inside & out front over the (many) years that this place should get the same attention?
...places within a few blocks of there, that is...

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That check ID's just not LTCs

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any of these lowlifes had LTCs?

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This is a neighborhood with problems. I honestly don’t think it’s the fault of the business owners that bad things happen here. They are not encouraging bad behavior- I think they even have a metal detector. Shit happens.

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This is a neighborhood with problems.

Context? Details?

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shooting each other in a bar is perhaps a good example?

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Damn immigrants.

Actually any new immigrants to Boston are Irish. Black Irish.

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This is a neighborhood with problems...

Beautiful nearly-last-minute finish, Cranky!
You swooped in to take the Stupidest Effing Comment Of The Week award from whoever was leading with only 44 minutes to spare.
Your rationale for not attempting to solve problems there is (drumroll)- that there are problems there? Do you say that when the the playing field at Orchard Gardens School is left unusable thanks to needles from people spreading out from Methadone Mile?
By the way, in my original comment, I wasn't saying the licensing/shutdown approach is necessarily a good one. I'm just pointing out inconsistencies and possible double-standard compared to other watering holes in the area.

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