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Grandmother sitting on front porch shot to death by gunman aiming at somebody else

Update: Victim identified as Delois Brown, 73.

WCVB reports a woman in her 70s sitting on the front porch of 19 Olney St. in Dorchester was killed by a bullet meant for somebody else, around 6 p.m.

Boston murders in 2021.



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I live in this neighborhood. My daughter and I had walked by about 5 minutes earlier. Kids out on bikes, everybody enjoying the weather. Went to a couple stores around the corner & came back to see police swarming, street taped off, the cops wouldn't allow us to walk our regular way home so we had to detour.

This was a nice woman. Always had a smile on her face, always friendly to myself and kids while passing by. She didn't deserve this.

I'm praying for peace and justice for her family. So very sad.

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Too many guns; too easy to get. Anyone who's ever used that "yeah, but knives / clubs / cars" argument should reflect on this horrible tragedy. None of those things would have killed this innocent person, or the many others who die from stray bullets every year. We need to get control of the gun culture. It's inconsistent with civilized society, and it adds nothing to anyone's quality of life.

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Guns shouldn’t be easy to get, but often times guns used in gang violence were acquired illegally anyway. Creating more laws won’t change that.
I’m not arguing against added laws, but pointing out that this will only mop up the water on the floor of an overflowing sink.
We need to address the cause of the problem (the running faucet in this example) to change things. Maaaybe we address gang culture, and what leads individuals to it?

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There is a near zero gun culture in Boston. Plenty in NH, tho they generally don't have grandmas getting gunned down and their homicide rate per 100k is much, much lower than ours.

Edit: Their 2019 rate is quite a bit higher than historical numbers. 2.4 per 100k vs what looks to be an average of 1.5 per 100k in preceding years.

"One analysis, done with data from the FBI and other sources by Security.org, found that in 2018, New Hampshire had 100.1 gun sales per 1,000 adults
firearms don’t seem to be showing up in the state’s crime statistics. Guns were involved in 50% of murders in New Hampshire in 2017"

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The gun makers in our country are profiting from the illegal gun trade and much as we penalize companies that sell guns to terrorists we need to do the same to American Gun companies and dealers whose guns end up in these crimes.

Arent these neighbors terrorized? I have NEVER lived in a neighborhood where I was fearful of a stray bullet. In these neighborhoods it is a regular occurrence.
We should stop doing business /boycott / pressure businesses to stop doing business with states whose gun laws allow gun businesses to sell guns to straw buyers who then sell them illegally for crime. We do it with countries who have a poor record of human rights - we should do the same to companies whose business causes human rights violations on our streets.

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