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Barrage of gunfire at Paxton and Harvard streets in Dorchester sends one bullet into a living room

Shortly before 1:30 a.m. at least nine rounds were fired on Paxton Street at Harvard Street, with one going through a window and into a living room. Nobody was hit.

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you do a great job adam.

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Acting Mayor Janey's analysis?

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It's just luck that none of those nine bullets hit someone. This is one of four reports of shooting incidents today currently on the UHub front page. All happening in the state with the lowest incidence of gun death in the country. So, we're doing relatively well, but before we start congratulating ourselves, let's take note of this:

Massachusetts makes “more firearms at Smith & Wesson and Springfield Armory and other smaller companies than any other state. We are selling weapons of mass destruction, mostly AR-15s, which can’t be sold in-state because of our assault weapon ban but [are] wreaking havoc across the country.”

This is not a good-neighbor policy. 19,380 Americans were shot to death last year. If MA produces most of the guns, it's reasonable to assume that most of those deaths involved a MA gun. There's currently a bill in the legislature (HD 4192) that would ban the manufacture of assault weapons for sale to civilians. This bill should pass. It would not stop the manufacture of such weapons, because other states would doubtless pick it up, but at least we would not be complicit in this murderous industry.

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Boston has tons of shootings and gun violence for the size of the area they happen in is small block by block shootings and homicides are up from last year and last year was higher than the year b4

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I have a novel idea. We can employ a group of citizens to conduct a watch of the various neighborhoods. This group could be called "watchmen" or "watchwomen". We could give this group a uniform and a shield of authority something bright and metallic. We could give this group of "watchmen" and "watchwomen" training and tools necessary to enforce the the scores of existing laws related to all matters from littering to unlawful firearm possession. Then we, as a community, could support these "watchmen" and "watchwomen" while we rest comfortably in our domiciles.

Does anyone support this idea?

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I think we need citizen reform. You have no idea the deleterious effect the anti-police movement is going to have on this city. The police in this city have been living through an adversarial relationship with the city council, district attorney, and a loud section of the citizenry. This adversarial relationship was built to win votes and it was all built on a lie. You are going to witness the effect of that relationship on quality of life issues and violent crime.

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because the police work for the citizens. (And the non-citizens, for that matter.) We need to tear down barriers to democratic control of the police. City councils, for instance, should be able to immediately fire police officers who commit extrajudicial executions or other excessive uses of force.

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