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Mattapan gunfire blitz leaves one shot, several cars, houses hit; suspects later crash SUV

Shot resident in back of ambulance on Ormond Street

Man loaded into ambulance. Photo by Live Boston.

Live Boston reports a man sitting in a car on Ormond Street at Outlook Road was shot around 9:30 p.m. on Saturday.

The man is expected to survive. Also:

Over 50 crime scene markers were placed on the ground with some estimating approximately 45 rounds fired. In addition to numerous shell casings and projectiles, at least 6 vehicles were heavily damaged with ballistics, and a number of homes had bullets fly through their windows.

Not long after, suspects in an SUV crashed their vehicle. A crime scene was set up at the Minton Stable Community Garden on Williams Street in Jamaica Plain, where watched the BPD response:

The shooting was one of several gunfire incidents in Boston on Saturday night:

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So, this was actually before all the ones you posted earlier today? What an awful night.

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People in a medical crisis don't need gawkers who might publish their photos on the internet to add stress. Paramedics also sometimes need to remove clothing from patients, and I've heard multiple stories of paramedics having to take time to hold up sheets to protect patient privacy rather than, you know, actually doing medical things.

(I know this isn't your photo, Adam, and I'm glad that unlike LiveBoston you chose not to publish one that showed the patient's face... just a general request.)

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