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Police say man went berserk on an Orange Line car, smashing windows and spraying everything with a fire extinguisher

Transit Police report arresting a Malden man for an incident that started in an Orange Line car at Haymarket and ended with him pursued down the tunnel, around 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

According to police, Michael Juskowiak, 46, shattered several windows and discharged an in-car fire extinguisher. Police, who arrived to the sight of shattered glass and a white discharge all over the interior of the car, at first spotted him keeping the train from pulling out of the station by using his body to prevent one of the doors from closing. But then he allegedly changed tactics for keeping the train from leaving by jumping out of the door and onto the tracks,

Service had to be suspended while the officers had to search for Juskowiak in the tunnel. Officers located Juskowiak inside the tunnel and placed him into custody.

He was charged with malicious destruction of property valued at more than $250, disorderly conduct and trespassing in a right of way, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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Hijacking ad here Adam?

Maybe just me.

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Is that anything like "Florida man"?

(disclaimer: I lived in Malden for about four years)

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Some nut comes from any not-wealthy suburb (Medford, Malden, Quincy, Brockton, etc) someone makes a reference to Florida Man.

As far as I can tell, the locals have got nothing on the real Florida Man. Wannabees. All of them.

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Also, the primary reason Florida Man is a thing, is that Florida has strong open government laws that require police departments to publish summaries of what they’re up to, which makes the oddball arrest stories easier to find than sin other states, where perusing them might require in-person visits to every local police station.

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But having been to various parts of Florida, I'll say the general crazy factor is about 10x of Massachusetts. Both states have nuts but Florida really breeds them. Maybe it's the heat.

See also Florida's governor. The people of Florida wanted that guy.

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...Another one's gone Turbo, man.

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I occasionally felt like going berserk on the Orange Line, like when it was 95 degrees and no train came for 20 minutes with a full platform at Downtown Crossing. At least sometimes we had decent live music.

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"Police ... arrived to the sight of ... a white discharge all over the interior of the car"

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Well I know sometimes my fire is put out after a white discharge...

I also know people who refer to themselves as fire hoses.

*ducking tomatoes*

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