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Man who was found dead at Mass and Cass hotel in April was murdered, police say


Boston Police report that the state medical examiner's office has ruled the death of Brendan Thomas Goguen at the Hampton Inn and Suites, 811 Massachusetts Ave., on April 2, a homicide.

Police report the cause of death was suffocation and stabbing, or, technically, "mechanical asphyxia coupled with trauma by a sharp instrument."

Police say officers and EMS responded to the hotel around noon on April 2 to find Goguen, 23, "unresponsive." He was declared dead at the scene.

Goguen, a resident of North Attleboro, was a graduate of Attleboro High School, where he played basketball and baseball. He loved his mother's cooking and ocean swimming, his family says.

After graduation, he got a job in construction, but his family acknowledges he struggled with addiction following his father's death:

After the death of his father, Brendan became overcome by addiction because he was unable to express his feelings which is a large part of addiction. If you are suffering with addiction or alcoholism or have a family member afflicted with the disease do not hesitate to ask for help. Contact AA or NA. Two foundations that touched Brendan's life were the Gavin Foundation [in South Boston] and the Washburn House [in Worcester]. The Goguen family would like to thank both organizations for their care and support given to Brendan.

Boston murders in 2021.


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