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Police: Hyde Park man was rather shortsighted in where he chose to set up his illegal marijuana business

Boston Police report arresting a resident of Myopia Road in Hyde Park as a marijuana dealer after an investigation sparked by "numerous community complaints" about drug dealing in the area.

In a raid around 10 a.m. on Monday, police also arrested the guy's pal for the five 9-mm bullets he allegedly had on him.

Police say drug-unit officers from both Hyde Park and West Roxbury, armed with a search warrant, entered 7 Myopia Rd., near the intersection with West Street, and seized roughly 27 ounces of marijuana Marijuana, three digital scales, a box of plastic bags and "five large heat seal plastic bags," as well as the five bullets.

Anthony Osemwegie, 18, of Hyde Park was charged with possession of Class D drugs with intent to distribute, police say. McCarthy Akinkuoye, 21, of Hyde Park, was charged with unlawful possession of ammunition.

Innocent, etc.

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Honestly I would not have an issue with the distribution of weed at this point if it were not for the weapons and the bullets and clear anti social behavior. For me it was never about the drugs. It was about the violence that this sort of enterprise brings to a community. The ironic part is weed for the most part sedates you.

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Eye see what you did there.

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What’s the market for black market (IDK if that’s the right term) now? I mean you can basically go anywhere within a few mile radius and buy it legally. Seems to me it’s the equivalent of a door to door encyclopedia salesperson post internet.

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It is expensive in the stores. The Black Market not so much.

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And the stuff on the street is high quality now.

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