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Four charged as drug dealers outside Southampton Street shelter

Boston Police report arresting four people they say were selling drugs on Atkinson Street near the Southampton Street shelter yesterday afternoon.

Police say officers seized 23 bags of fentanyl, 18 bags of crack and 14 backs of regular cocaine, along with $1,234 in cash.

Odanis Brea, 22, and Jamie Carrion, 23, both of Dorchester, were charged with trafficking Class A drugs and possession of Class A drugs with intent to distribute while Jalen Phillips-Young, 28, of Boston and Aninha Tirado, 29, of Fall River, where charged with trafficking Class B drugs and possession of Class B drugs with intent to distribute.

Innocent, etc.


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The BPHC needs to be held accountable for helping create this disaster.

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I go through there on a regular basis. Twice this week. It defies description. The Heart of Darkness.

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