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On Methadone Mile, the parking lot of a police station is the wrong place to try to stab somebody

Transit Police report arresting a man they say was trying to stab somebody else in the parking lot of their Southampton Street headquarters on Sunday morning.

Police say officers inside the station looked out around 10:45 a.m. to see Michael Alemu, 26, "chasing another male with a sharp object in his hand" in the parking lot in front of the station.

Upon arrival the male being chased, the victim, appeared frightened and sought refuge behind the police officers. According to the victim Alemu approached him on Southampton Street and stated "I must stab you today". The victim stated he has no prior familiarity with Alemu and was in fear of his life.

Police say Alemu was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon - a large wooden compass with sharp metal rods protruding from it. He was already wanted on shoplifting, larceny and drug charges out of Leominster District Court, police add.

Innocent, etc.


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be able to bring my large wooden compass to concerts and sporting events anymore?

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Somebody in Boston, oh say any one of the City Councilors running for Mayor, should look into how a homeless man wanted in Leominster is running the street in Boston. Rehabs dump clients they cannot place in Next level of care or those that relapse on Albany St in Boston. Addicts are driven into Boston from out of State to use the Mass Health funded care. Residents are paying to police this nightmare.

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