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Man stabbed in the chest in parkway road rager in West Roxbury

Update: Suspect arrested.

State Police report they are looking for a motorist who stabbed another driver in the chest at VFW Parkway and Centre Street in West Roxbury after some sort of confrontation and then continued on his way.

The stabbed driver was taken to a local hospital and is expected to survive, State Police say. They did not release a description of the suspect's vehicle.


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Make that rotary wider and safer so that everyone fits.

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If we just keep violent savages in cages where they belong, the rest of us will fit just fine in the rotary as it is.

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Them and also antivaxers.

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Although State Police said "West Roxbury Parkway," it was actually "VFW Parkway," so still an intersection with issues, just different issues. I've corrected the original post.

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That’s awful, and only a deranged person would stab someone over driving. That said, I see needless tire squealing, brakes screeching, angry yelling and honking every time I walk Centre Street. Because it’s designed for idiotic unsafe driving full of lane changing and passing. The lack of left turn lanes makes for a constant slalom of drivers trying to get around the car in front of them, often cutting people off. Two lanes leading into the rotary (and across the crosswalk) is made for confusion. The four lanes don’t help traffic flow, they’re useless and dangerous; which is formally acknowledged by street safety experts and the city’s own BTD, who planned to make it safer. But Marty Walsh and Matt O’Malley caved to the whiny group of trumpy, brats, and we live with that dangerous mess.

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make it look like VFW Pkwy and Centre St, near Hebrew Rehab and Our Lady of the Annunciation.

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State Police said West Roxbury Parkway, so that's what I went with. I guess I'm not the only person who gets the two parkway names confused all the time.

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What is going on with all the stabbings?! Have I been blind to this in the past? It just feels like a whole new knife wave of violence.

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Also, you can't get stabbed while driving. So don't exit your car. If you want to walk, the sidewalk is right there.

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Tell that to the woman in Providence who was dragged out of her car by the losers on dirt bikes and atvs.

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