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Six shot, one dead on Irma Street in Dorchester

Victim identified as Aisha Shepard, 38, of Roxbury.

Boston Police report a woman was shot to death, and five other people shot, at 27 Irma St. shortly before 12:30 a.m.

Police say the woman was declared dead at the scene. Police found two other victims at the scene as well. Three people got themselves to local hospitals.

Boston murders in 2021.


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Paging the acting mayor, city council, district attorney . . . action please!

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Whatever they do, it is working, statistically speaking.


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that article reports a misleading statistic of shooting where there are victims, either fatal or non-fatal. this type of reporting is inherently inaccurate since how do you if someone was shot if they aren't present when police arrive, or they locate a body.

all in all, the reported definition of "shootings" being down is entirely misleading and in no way captures the actual gunfire taking place every day in bost. by contrast, the city does keep track of how many shots were fired. it is located here and they map the locations.


to date, there have been 640 incidents of shots being fired in boston so far this year. thats over 3 shootings a night. and as you can see from the map, the gunfire is situated in a very dense corridor probably 2 or 3 square miles.

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You really should think more about the community as a whole before making a statement like that.

10 people shot in an absolute bloodbath of a weekend in early July. This is working for you?


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There is almost 40 homicides and still have 2 months left in the year, the year has brought 5 homicides outside 112 shelter, innocent grandmother shot on porch, six shot 1 dead at one shooting scene, 2 woman murdered in double shooting, 13 year old shot and a lot of woman where murdered this year it's been a bad year for violent whether stats say whatever everything I just named is a bad year

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First and foremost RIP. She was a mother. Not sure what happened and as sad as it is, not sure what, if anything can be done to prevent things like this from happening.

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