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Person stabbed to death outside Southampton shelter; 5th Methadone Mile murder this year

Victim identified as Ugochukwu McDonald Anaele, 29, of Houston, TX.

Boston Police report a man was fatally stabbed this morning at 112 Atkinson St., just up from the Southampton Street shelter.

Police report officers responded around 6:12 a.m. to find the man with a stab wound. He was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The victim was fifth person fatally stabbed along Methadone Mile this year:

Richard Ghiozzi,, Southampton Street, 1/4.
Jamaal Chin-Clarke, Mass and Cass, 2/27.
Brendan Thomas Goguen, Mass and Cass (victim was both stabbed and suffocated), 4/2.
Ricardo Garcia Massachusetts Avenue and Peirson Street, 8/8.

Boston murders in 2021.


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For the methadone mile is not working. The public health police had their arrest powers and weapons stripped from them have they been replaced?

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I'm pretty sure there is a police department with citywide jurisdiction in Boston....

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It's especially unfortunate that shelters, which are supposed to provide at least temporary headquarters for people to stay until they can find a suitable place, can be so totally insecure.
The fact that stuff like that frequently happens in shelters is why a lot of homeless people prefer to stay out on the street. At least, when one is on the street, there's the possibility of fighting an attacker off, or at least fleeing to higher ground. In a shelter, however, there often isn't. I wonder why more security is not provided. Do they not hire security guards?

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Don’t take people who are high, drunk, have threatened staff in the past, stolen from others, used drugs in the facility, broken rules, etc, etc. So most of methadone Mike is not allowed in any shelter in Boston.

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Most homeless refuse to utilize shelters because of their zero tolerance drug and alcohol rules.

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Southampton street is a wrong place to concentrate all the homeless and addiction related services. Whoever thought it is a great idea to congregate thousands of addicted population on one street where the drug dealers can easily prey them. When there is such a huge mass of addicted people, it is just not manageable. In addition, Southampton street surrounded by highways and warehouses in the middle of the city with close access to drug dealers and criminals, is not a right kind of environment needed for a recovery center. If I were on a recovery, the presence of thousands addicted people shooting up, lawlessness, plus presence of drug dealers would not motivate me. It would actually have an opposite impact.

The only answer to this issue is to decentralize the recovery services to smaller service providers who can cater to the needs of these population throughout various neighborhoods in and outside of Boston (Lower density, lower crime, peaceful area etc).

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Marty are you there??

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and yet the Boston Globe is touting opening the Round House Hotel for the Atkinson St overflow. And even more ludicrous; it is to be managed by Victory Programs, the original harm reductionist program for folks. Historically they have enabled those least able to make rational decisions the opportunity to pick and chose how and when they will stop using drugs; street drugs or medications prescribed by medical providers. We have expected nothing in the way of decent behaviors from the addicted masses out on Methadone Mile. We provide them with food, clothing, and drug supplies. We have hamstrung our public safety teams and what we have now is the inmates running the asylum. "Say no" to this madness and the BG editorial

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Such as-

Who wrote it?

Where do they live?

Could we just move all of these services to a few blocks from their house, since they want these services a few blocks from other people’s houses?

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Can we not let Boston turn into another west coast city? That would be great.

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We don't have to fight large quantities of white nationalist fascists on the Common every month or so.

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I went by there about an hour after that happened. From what I could see it was "business as usual." Scores of people milling about and walking out into the middle of Southampton Street, tents set up along the sidewalk on Southampton Street, trash everywhere.
The strategy behind making this a location for these lost souls to get help is a failed one. What is particularly galling is the lack of any long range plan to decentralize treatment and clean up this area. It seems to me that each time I go through there, it's gets worse.
As far as this killing goes, I was told by someone who had insight into it. It was mentioned that it was possibly a fight over a cigarette lighter. Life is very cheap in that world.

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Did you see Acting Mayor Janey's cool swag shop? She's super busy you know.

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Everybody’s in the comments saying do this or do that but if you haven’t done a thing, you don’t have a right to put your 2 cents in. Just paying taxes doesn’t give you a right. I don’t care if you just handed them a meal, that is something. Giving them change or a dollar isn’t something. That adds to the problem. Everyone wants the city to do something or the mayor or the police, WAKE UP!!! They can’t handle this problem by themselves. It takes a village.

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remember when everyone was crying about Operation Clean Sweep and told the police to back off and let health services handle things?

Guess that idea did not work

Time for Mass&Cass 3.0

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