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At least two Hanover Street banks held up

Century Bank after robbery

In North End, life goes on as police, news crews set up. Photo by Adam Castiglioni.

The Century Bank branch at 275 Hanover St. and the Citizens Bank branch at 315 Hanover St. were both held up shortly after 9 a.m.



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Of Ben Affleck, Jeremy Remer, the guy who no one knows who name who gets killed inside Fenway or the tough guy rapper from "the streets".

I'm sorry. I meant, signs of the rapper turned actor who likes to call WERS DJ's b****s from the mean mean mean, so mean, tough, down on your luck streets, how do they live there with only like four ice cream places, of West Roxbury whose dad went to Dartmouth? Was he around?

I don't know who is a bigger from the "streets" fraud than he or Guru who transferred from Nobles to Cohasset High. Word to your prep and public prep school.

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only you could take a joke about The Town and try to twist that into disrespect about a deceased and beloved emcee. You obviously don't know those men

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Speaking of Boston based movies. Whalberg's talking to DiCaprio about slumming rings true.

There is a special place in hell for people who try to "act down" from where they grew up.

I would have loved to have gone to a prep school like Nobles (Guru's dad was a judge. A judge!). I would have maimed to have grown up in 1980's West Roxbury. I didn't have anyone living above me or below me until I was 29. Do you know what a feeling that is not have to worry if the people upstairs are going to fight all night and keep you up? It is a great feeling when it finally happens.

It is like those people who post "Things Boston Guys Say" and have to remind them they are from New Hampshire. You didn't live it. Don't try to pass as if you did.

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If you watched interviews or even listened to the music, this was all included, Guru didn't hide his family, spoke proper and kicked street knowledge. He was able to do both as a Black man and didn't have a monolithic look at hip-hop or Black life. No one was trying to act down and having a good family doesn't mean you didn't have hardships.

Biggie went to good schools growing up as well, didn't mean his life was swell, still ended up dead by 24 to gunfire.

And stop disrespecting the dead

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Actually played on my college radio show, when the records came from the label. Peeled off the plastic and spun.

Perhaps you are right, but I am dead on right about Slaine.

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and yet people all around the world know Slaine, and you just annoy people on universal hub. congrats.

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Coincidence or homage?

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When I worked on bank cameras (long ago when many were still Shawmuts) the Hanover Street and School Street branches (by Old City Hall) got hit regularly. It's hard for cops in cars or SUVs to get into those locations quickly.

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"It's been a rough day, but at least two banks were held up!"

...at least, that's how I read the headline.

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