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Man shot to death on Walk Hill Street in Mattapan; up to 25 shots fired

Lots of evidence markers

Evidence markers between the car that was shot up. Photo by Live Boston.

Victim identified as Diamante Nicholson, 25, of Mattapan.

While sitting in a car on Walk Hill Street near Blue Hill Avenue, around 10:55 p.m.

Boston Police report the man was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The BPD ShotSpotter system recorded up to 25 rounds fired at the scene.

Boston murders in 2021.


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I heard at least 10, sounded perfectly spaced, like a machine gun.

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really need to stop shooting ppl over some dumb sh

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This area and street have been a super hot spot for shootings and murders as of late and still no police presence.

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Is there any evidence that increased patrols, increased visibility of police, increased presence does anything to reduce this sort of crime? There's lots of data out there...

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The NRA has been systematically suppressing collection of gun incident data for decades now.

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What does the NRA have to do with the shooting on blue Hill. This is OUR data right here in Boston. The police knows what parts of the city violence are presently occurring. If there’s one or two “occurrences” they know to expect the back-and-forth that’s how gang violence occurs. one person shoots the other person shoots back. They know all the players based on the locations. National politics does not help local violence. When politicians start talking defund the police, magically there’s no more money for overtime for staffing the extra cops. I’ve been watching the news since I’m a little kid let’s all stop bullshitting here

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Funny that you mention it, because Boston specifically defunded its police overtime budget, and nothing else.

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First, the city council didn't "defund" the overtime budget, they reduced it. Second, it didn't matter, because BPD spent more way more money on overtime in the fiscal year that ended June 30 than was budgeted anyway - unlike other departments, BPD is allowed to do that.

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