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Two shot outside Fenway bar

Fenway crime scene

Crime scene. Photo by Live Boston.

Live Boston reports two people were shot around 2 a.m. outside Game On at Brookline Avenue and Jersey Street.


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It's a sports bar, and even a multiple-overtime or extra-inning game is usually going to be over long before 2 am. (Leaving aside Game 3 of the 2018 World Series)

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Sure, you can go there to watch sports. But you can also go there to participate in the bar part of it being a bar.

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There are dozens of bars, performance venues and night clubs in that area. I wonder what musical artists performed on Landsdowne street that evening.

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Even less so, whoever might have performed at any of the clubs. The only person responsible for a shooting is the shooter.

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Exactly. I remember the stories of the hardcore scene in the 90’s and the different crews beating the hell out of each other. As bad is it could be at least it was just fights n brawls. Too many people nowadays are either so scared of losing a fight or are just on a different type of time where the first they think about is pulling that gun out. These kinds of things are always gonna happen in cities though, that’s just the way it is

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