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Kid with replica Glock BB gun arrested inside Roxbury school where he wasn't a student, police say

Boston Police report arresting a 14-year-old with a fake gun in his waistband at the Dearborn STEM Academy on Winthrop Street in Roxbury this morning.

Police said BPS security guards first spotted the teen carrying a laptop in a hallway shortly before 7:50 a.m., then noticed him fiddling with his waistband, where "they observed a firearm," police say.

The guards managed to detain him and remove the gun, police say.

Upon further review, it was determined that the male was not a registered Boston Public School student and was not enrolled in the Boston Public School system at the time of his arrest. ... The firearm recovered was determined to be a BB Gun that was a replica of a Glock firearm.

He was charged with being delinquent for possession of a firearm on school property and trespassing, police say.


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At the Excel Academy in Eastie for having a loaded 9mm.

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A very dangerous situation for police to handle but I don't believe a BB gun is a firearm.

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A BB gun is not a "firearm." Is the statutory meaning broader?

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Yes it’s a misdemeanor and if it were a real firearm he would have been charged with both violations. One charge is possession of a firearm without a license (a felony) and carrying a “firearm” (which includes BB guns) on campus would be the second charge.

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BB / Pellet Gun when carried on School Grounds is considered a Firearm.

Bring Back School Police

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“He doesn’t even go here!”

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What type of kid shows up at 7:50 am to a school they don't even attend?

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Believe it or not this is actually a common thing. Kids will go to other schools where they might have certain friends at

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