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Man wanted on charges of beating up lots of people arrested on charges of beating up somebody at Andrew T stop

Transit Police report arresting a man for beating up a woman who looked like she'd just been punched slapped hard in the face at the Andrew T station - and for the 19 outstanding warrants he already had out, including for incidents in which he allegedly attacked a disabled person, a police officer, an EMT and a jail guard, in different parts of Boston.

Police say officers on patrol at Andrew heard screaming from the area of the busway around 9:30 p.m. on Dec. 6.

Upon arrival officers located a 26 year old female victim who had just been assaulted. Officers observed swelling and redness on the victim's facial area.

In the process of interviewing the two - they gave differing accounts - police say, the officers discovered that Erik Conroy, 30, already had those 19 outstanding warrants, issued out of courts downtown, Roxbury, West Roxbury, South Boston and Dorchester. In addition to various types of assault and battery, the warrants also included breaking and entering in the nighttime, police say.

Police add that the officers concluded the woman was telling the truth and arrested Conroy on a new charge of assault and battery

Innocent, etc.

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19 warrants? Yikes!

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We’ll be reading about his 20 outstanding warrants in a week or two.

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He's going to be spending a lot of quality time in front of judges in the next while getting those warrants addressed.

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Is Transit Police an ultimate moral authority here?

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Maybe in Notinbostonville.

There probably is a ethicist there named Transit Police. And you identify as Patrick McGoohan?

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I wonder how many of those were due to him being identified on surveillance camera footage and they were just waiting to be able to catch him, and how many were pending trial.

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But perhaps there should be a dangerousness hearing for this guy.

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You think?

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