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Three shot, one dead on Schuyler Street in Roxbury

Stanley Staco reports on the shootings on Schuyler Street between Elm Hill Avenue and Maple Street. One person was barricaded in a house.

Boston murders in 2021.

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Tito Jackson lives on this street. There is a local neighborhood community group headquartered on Schuyler, and there is a nice community garden.

I used to live on nearby Hutchings St and would routinely ride my bike up Schuyler from Grove Hall.

I know most readers of UHub aren’t familiar with this area, but it is vibrant, full of families and old people and poor people and gangs. You should care about it. It’s usually a very nice place to live.

So sorry to hear and my heart goes out to those involved. ❤️

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Why was this death removed from the Boston homicide list? It was there yesterday.

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BPD usually posts about murders but they have yet to do so in this case.

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