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Police hunt driver who hit pedestrian in Grove Hall, then kept driving

Wanted car for Dorchester hit and run

Boston Police are seeking the public's help to find the driver of this car, for slamming into a pedestrian then taking off on New Year's Eve in Grove Hall.

Police say the driver injured the pedestrian on Washington Street at Castlegate Road around 8:30 p.m.

The vehicle is described as a sedan with possible right-side damage.

Anyone with information can contact detectives at 617-343-5622 or the anonymous tip line by calling 800-494-TIPS or by texting TIP to CRIME (27463).


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Why did it take them 22 days to post this? Cold cases are harder to solve.

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Good point. I hadn't noticed the timeline; it's not mentioned in the Uhub post and rather inconspicuous in the police blog. As in many cases, one can't help but wonder if the response would have been this slow if this hit and run had taken place in West Roxbury or the Back Bay.

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… suspect before they know pics have been broadcast and they hide the car.

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Presumably the car has been hidden or repaired at this point...

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If catching and punishing hit and run drivers is a priority for our cops and legal system, they sure don't bother to advertise it

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Most of Dorchester has the potential to be reasonably pedestrian friendly. But whenever a street is not congested, the driving speed is ridiculously unsafe; it's a free for all and there is practically no enforcement. Adding to the issue and even though it is completely useless, it seems like every new car model must have more horse power, acceleration and weight than the one before, further enabling the hordes of driving sociopaths. It's not just my impression; locally and nationally fatalities are up by double digits even though less miles have been driven in the past two years.

Five years ago, the city street driving speed limit was lowered to 25 but very few people have noticed. Are there currently any viable initiative to implement speeding cameras or any type of enforcement in Boston? Until that happens, "Vision Zero Boston" will remain a joke; we are actually headed in the opposite direction!

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Too many lanes for too little traffic in HP, Dot etc.

Almost all of Boston's Avenues need to be reworked.

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Its not just less lanes needed. It could be one lane and a person obeying the law and driving the speed limit will be subjected to a road rager behind them who is mad they can't speed. Its literally dangerous to obey the traffic laws in Boston because of threatening from the angry entitled reckless and selfish drivers.

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… to the pressure and drive dangerously yourself.

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Ignore them and drive a safe speed.

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That one person obeying the law is by default forcing the other person to thanks to no passing lane.

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