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Police say Georgia man kicked two women in the stomach on a train into South Station - one so hard they found his shoe imprint on her top

Transit Police report arresting a man from Lithonia, GA on charges he kicked two women in the stomach on a Providence Line train coming into South Station on Friday morning.

Police say Rasheed Underwood, 34, kicked the women, one 53, on3 63, for no reason they could figure out - neither say they knew him - around 9:30 a.m.

Officers observed a shoe imprint on one of the victim's shirt.

Police say that when officers arrived, several witnesses pointed to Underwood, saying "that's him!"

He was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - a shod foot - on a person over 60, police say, adding he was already wanted out of New Bedford District Court on a warrant charging him with assault and battery and disturbing the peace.

Innocent, etc.


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When you ride the rails be careful not to stare or glare at unmasked sickos who are filled with hate looking for a reason to attack you or push you in front of a train. They are not giving you the care bear stare when they glare at you.

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This guy sounds like a rotten Georgia peach.

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And violence against women continues… revolting. Hope this poor excuse for a man is charged with a hate crime.

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Odd, the race of the attacker isn't highlighted.

Guaranteed if a crazed white gent did this, it'd be the first thing reported.

Hope the 2 victims are ok.

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A quick perusal of the last several months of tpd website reports shows many photographs of persons of various races but no written description of any sort. Can you cite an example of your point? And why do you need such a description if he's already been arrested?

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Unfortunately he's part of the human race. Even worse, this behavior is becoming more typical of it.

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are you accusing the MBTA Transit Police of doing here?

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First, the TPD doesn’t mention races in arrests, only in cases where they are looking for suspects.

Second, we don’t know the race of the perpetrator. I assume he is white.

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