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Police say man liked robbing a Dorchester market so much he robbed it again, only this time they were waiting for him

Boston Police report detectives arrested a man with "a sizeable kitchen-style knife" just as he was reaching into the cash register of the Pleasant View Market on Savin Hill Avenue at Pleasant Street yesterday afternoon.

Police say the detectives were staking out the area around 4:45 p.m. due to a spate of recent armed robberies at the market, when they spotted Haitham Kheir, 42, of Dorchester, "walking up and down the street, looking into the store as he passed."

Detectives then observed Kheir enter the store, reach over the counter, manipulate the cash register, and knock over several displays.

The detectives rushed in and, after charging him with armed robbery, determined he was the guy who had also robbed the store around 12:30 p.m. on Jan. 28 and so charged him for that as well.

Police records also show a robbery at Savin Hill Avenue and Pleasant Street around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Innocent, etc.



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This article roughly ofsets the Stoneham road rage

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You think the police should be able to commit one crime for every person they arrest?! You sure have low standards for people who make $200k of taxpayer money.

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The robber must've missed the brand new cameras the city just installed overlooking the store and that intersection.

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Good job to the good guys who catch bad guys from robbing the good guys who aren't wealthy who work hard to keep their small neighborhood business going! Bad job to powers that be for letting this guy be wrist slapped the first time.

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What's the latest with the vaccine "mandate"?

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What does Vlad say?

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Vlad said, "Go and ask 'What's the latest with the vaccine mandate' on totally unrelated posts so you can stir up shit and create division."

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in Russia, there’s a nondescript building that once belonged to the Federal Agency of Government Communications and Information. In the sub-basement, under rows of flickering fluorescent lights, are lines of cubicles. Hundreds of hollow-eyed workers tap at computers, posting messages to western social media to sow dissent and suspicion. On one side of the room sits a team surrounded by award plaques for their work on QAnon. They get free bagels and energy drinks every morning. In a far, dark corner, next to a trash can catching drips from the ceiling, sits Notfromboston posting "What's the latest with the vaccine 'mandate'" on Universal Hub.

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who has been accused of robbing the same bank branch 3 times now. Convicted of the first one he was arrested for, so far. I have no experience committing robberies but I can't imagine it will do you any favors if the employees you are robbing start getting on a first-name basis with you.


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Is robbing banks FDIC a federal offense? Has the law changed ? Why is it so easy to rob banks now repeatedly??

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