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Man on the Red Line asks guy to stop leaning into him; guy pulls out one of his two knives and threatens to stab him, police say

Transit Police report arresting a local man on a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon for an incident on a Red Line train hurtling underneath South Boston during the Friday afternoon rush hour.

According to police, a man was standing on a train between Broadway and Andrew around 5:45 p.m. when another man started leaning on him:

The victim asked Sylvia to stop leaning on him and Sylvia responded by producing a knife and threatening to stab the victim. The victim called TPD and requested assistance. According to the victim when Sylvia heard him on the phone with TPD Sylvia fled off the train at Andrew Sq. station.

Based on a detailed description officers conducted an area search and located Sylvia near Andrew station on Southampton Street. The victim positively identified Sylvia as his assailant and officers removed two knives from his person.

Police say officers transported Sylvia for booking at Transit Police headquarters on Southampton Street, a street Sylvia was allegedly already familiar with because in 2011, he was charged with trying, but failing to rob a bank there. Police say that, more currently, he is also facing breaking-and-entering charges out of South Boston court.

Innocent, etc.



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Crime is up on the New York subways by 70 percent. Either the MBTA is lying about crime or the Transit Police are doing a helluva job.

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