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Mongo mad, but no horses in South End, so Mongo punch bus, get arrested, police say

Mongo knocks out a horse!

Transit Police report arresting a man they say was kicked off one Silver Line bus for raising a ruckus yesterday afternoon, then went up to another bus and punched it in the door, shattering one of its windows.

Police say the second bus was an easy target for Samuel Fernandez's fist of fury because officials had sent it to transport passengers from the first bus when Fernandez, 59, and his gal-pal companion refused to get off the first bus at Washington and Union Park streets around 2 p.m. Police say the two were boisterously arguing with each other and "being belligerent to other folks as well" and the driver decided it was time to to pull over at Washington and Union Park streets and summon police.

Officers approached the couple and they immediately began to direct their hostility and unruly behavior upon the officers. Officers attempted to reason with the couple to no avail. Other passengers were forced to disembark and re-board another bus.

Officers managed to get the squabblers off the bus, at which point, they say, Fernandez went into door-punching mode. He "violently resisted" arrest, but was eventually subdued and transported to Transit PD headquarters on Southampton Street for booking, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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Ah yes, the Silver Line. Where there are no silver linings.

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Candygram for Mongo was funny too.

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Wrote all of Alex Karas' dialogue.

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That is what Mel Brooks said.

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but the studio vetoed that (I think).

Cleavon Little did fine, but what that movie would have been with _Pryor_ ...

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...only pawn in game of life?

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Is a dangerous job where all your problems are behind you.

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Had a fucking aneurism reading this shit wtf

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"That's right... let it all out."

At least he was only physically destructive to property (except when being arrested), but maybe his girlfriend knows otherwise.

I hope he gets some therapy AND meds.

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