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Argument over toilet flushing turns violent in Back Bay men's room

Transit Police report arresting a Malden man they say stabbed another man in the hand in an altercation over bowl hygiene in the men's room at Back Bay station Sunday morning.

Police say Hector Avededo, 42, of Malden, sat in one of the stalls shortly before 8 a.m. and told the man in the stall next to him he needed to flush. Police did not speculate as to why Avevedo demanded the other gent flush, but needless to say, the other man refused to roll with it:

The victim responded by telling Avededo he should mind his business when it comes to his personal bathroom habits. The two further exchanged contentious words.

When the victim exited the bathroom he encountered Avededo. Avededo who did not see whom he was demanding flush the toilet was inquiring to random folks "Who was talking s*** in the bathroom". The victim came forward and the dispute turned physical. Avededo ultimately stabbed the victim and fled the station.

Responding officers looked around and spotted him on Huntington Avenue and, police say, gave chase. The victim IDed him and officers found a knife on him and he was taken away for booking on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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Isn't this the fourth stabbing on the T this year?

A Transit officer mentioned this to me yesterday and I was wondering what it was about

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People are so hostile now. There is just no end to these incidents. I was on the Blue Line the other day and a man was absolutely blasting music from a phone. I didn't know they could go so loud. Another man asked him to turn it down, and man #1 started screaming all over the train (he was able to scream over the music, believe it or not) that man #2 was being racist. (Apparently man #1 was Latino, although it was not obvious to me at a glance). This screaming (and music) was still going on when I got off three stops later. And now toilets. People need to stop this nonsense.

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Who does number two work for?

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Number two works for a complete asshole.

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The correct response is: "That's right, buddy. You show that turd who's boss."


(Ha! Just realized Crankycoffey and I had the same idea)

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it's called a courtesy flush, people.

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One time Magoo was traveling thru Italy. At a train station the bathrooms were just the hole in the ground with the foot pads- those weirdo European/Asian toilets with no bowl. Anywho, Magoo wasn’t eating too well and had constipation and was sweaty due to the hot weather. Magoo ‘members that Magoo used a bunch of gold bond medicated powder down b’Twix the legs while trying to go number 2 and Magoo kind of made a mess. The patron after Magoo turned and looked a Magoo with a look of revulsion. Magoo.

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Many years back, I was visiting a popular, historic location in Japan. It was very crowded
and there was a line for the toilet. Same type of hole-in-the-ground toilet.

Well, someone before me had missed the hole and there was their "calling card" in full display sitting on the edge of the toilet. Yeech! I carefully did my business and left. A lovely, traditional (even wearing a kimono) Japanese grandmother-type was waiting and went in after me.

I SO wanted to say "It wasn't me! It wasn't me!" in Japanese.

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If you can’t talk shit in a lavatory, where can you talk shit?

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Just don't ever go into that bathroom. Ever.

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The restroom at Back bay station is a lot safer than the restrooms at North station where Delaware North has hired armed security because of open drug dealing and the sale of counterfeit goods in the station lobby

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The old Back Bay bathroom was the pits...it was dark, it stunk of urine, the stalls were often off their hinges, and sitting on the toilets was a gamble because you never knew who sat (or did other dastardly things) in it.

The new Back Bay bathroom is an exponentially better improvement. Any time I go in there, it's almost always clean; they close it down between 12 noon and 1pm to give it a thorough cleaning before reopening it again. Everything is in working order, and the stalls shut tight.

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Cleaner and they even have blue lighting to make it more difficult for addicts to see their veins.

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To quote Die Göttin-Väderin:

"Bah! Know you how many vicious and poorly-executed wars for "prime shitting spots" silly Human Men across Europa have started?!?! Just THIS millennium?!?!"

Sie then gave me that look Sie throws at Volk when Sie your ability to contradict with bullshit contrafactuality annihilated Sie hath.

Who can deny Her statement? TPD had to respond {and file paperwork} for an actual shit-show.


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1. You can't go into a T station thinking toilets will be flushed. This ain't grandma's house.

2. You only claim credit for successful crop dusting. We don't claim credit for a deuce at any time.

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