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Pickup driver hits pedestrian on Tremont Street in Roxbury, keeps going

A man was hit outside Slade's, at Tremont and Hammond streets, around 10 p.m. by a gray pickup truck whose driver didn't stop and just continued down Tremont toward Roxbury Crossing. The victim was taken to a local hospital unconscious but breathing. Based on his condition, the BPD homicide and fatal-accident reconstruction units were called in.


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It's amazing that this keeps happening despite the fact that it's ridiculously easy to get and keep a driver's license and nobody ever faces consequences for terrible driving and traffic enforcement is basically nonexistent

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Traffic cameras are against God's will in Massachusetts.

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I get why Massachusetts has chosen not to make a habit of issuing tickets without a human involved.

Boston doesn't enforce any type of traffic infractions though. I constantly see all sorts of ridiculousness right in front of cops.

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You are far better off leaving the scene.

This has to stop.

Leaving the scene needs to be the highest and worst crime for a driver. It needs to bring far more harsh punishment than even drunk driving.

We need to remove the incentives for this behavior, and for reckless driving and for other forms of intoxicated driving or incapacity.

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"far better off" how? Because you have a chance of arguing that you weren't behind the wheel?

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… you won’t be given a breathalyzer.


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They go and sleep it off until they no longer test under the influence of alcohol or drugs, then say they didn't have a phone and were flustered and scared, but are now "doing the right thing" and reporting the accident from several hours ago. They're only charged with the property damage and leaving the scene, and sometimes negligent operation if it can obviously be inferred there were high speeds etc. rather than just spacing out. An employed person without any record of antisocial behavior gets basically nothing for this since there's no proof of anything other than a mistake where they dozed off or an animal ran out in the road and they overcorrected or something. Agreed that leaving the scene needs to be a felony and license revocation absent actual proof of something like the scene being truly unsafe or a legit medical issue, in which case the expectation should be reporting to a hospital/police/EMS as soon as possible, not a day later.

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WCVB News reports the man was first beaten outside of Slades. Was the hit and run part of that attack?

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