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Man didn't want to leave T stop early in the morning, so he threatened a worker with a knife, but kept his hatchet in his backpack, police say

Transit Police report arresting a Newton man on charges he used a knife to threaten an MBTA worker who tried to shoo him out of Andrew on the Red Line around 1 a.m. on Monday.

Police say Joseph Gemelli, 32, refused to move until officers arrived and made him move - over to TPD headquarters on Southampton Street, where he was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. Police say that on booking him, officers discovered he already had several warrants outstanding, including for assault and battery, drug selling (in November, 2020, outside the Southampton shelter), larceny over $1,200 (in October, 2021 on American Legion in Roslindale) and vandalism - and that he had a hatchet in his backpack in addition to the knife they already knew about.

Innocent, etc.



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They always have arrest warrants.

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The inhabitants of Mass and Cass migrated to MBTA stations like Andrew.

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