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Steak shoplifter tries to strangle cop at South Bay Stop & Shop, police say

Boston Police report arresting a man they say reacted violently to a detail officer trying to stop him from walking out of the South Bay Stop & Shop with several steaks he hadn't paid for Saturday morning.

Police say store employees alerted a detail cop around 9:30 a.m. to Patrick Craddock's attempt to purloin items:

As the officer and a store employee attempted to recover the stolen items and peacefully resolve the situation, the suspect began to violently assault the officer, removing his portable radio, thereby preventing him from summoning other officers to assist, while wrestling the officer to the ground. As the officer continued to attempt to gain control of the combative suspect, Craddock began to strangle the officer as the two struggled on the ground. Thankfully, the officer was eventually able to radio for help as back up officers quickly arrived to place the suspect in custody without further incident.

As the officer was taken to a local hospital for observation, Craddock was charged with assault and battery by strangulation, assault and battery on a police officer, assault and battery and shoplifting, police say.

Craddock was ordered held without bail at his arraignment today, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports, adding that he is also wanted on unspecified charges in New Hampshire.

Innocent, etc.

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I always feel like I need to shower every time I drive though that area. A shame too because there’s so much potential.

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I wonder if the backup officers tased the South Bay strangler.

South Bay is a wonderful shopping destination that I use often. The one thing I haven't done yet is go there to see a movie. I wonder how the AMC South Bay Center 12 is doing in these turbulent times?

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