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Two shot, one dead at Roslindale gas station

Alfa gas staiton after shooting

Gas-station crime scene.

Victim identified as Dre'shaun Johnson, 23, of Mattapan.

Two people were shot at the Alfa gas station, 4139 Washington St., around 9:45 p.m. One was declared dead at the scene.

"Gunshots were audible up by Peters Hill," one resident on the other side of Roslindale Square reports. "A lot of them - sounded like 8-10. "

Washington Street is shut in the area of South Street and Firth Road.

One officer rushing to the scene got into a crash at Washington and Beech streets. Uninjured.

Boston murders in 2022.



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And if that was what I heard, that was a lot of shots fired.

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Last time I saw him was at a child's birthday party. His mother is a wonderful, generous, caring person and a friend of mine. Great family. May he rest in peace. Please pray for his family.

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Just tragic. My thoughts are with you and the victim’s family.

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This young man was raised by a mother with the kindest and most pure heart. I’m heartbroken for her.

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At the same time this was happening, there was a shooting at the Walgreens in Revere.

I think its gonna be a hot N busy summer..

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I doubt it will be a hot summer isnt this the first male even killed by gun this year? The police have taken out all the shooters with how low gun violence is over the last 18 months theres no way it gets to worrying levels. I predict Boston ends the year with 27 homicides. What other cities get in a month….

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