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One of the screaming anti-vax bucket bangers arrested at City Hall


A Dorchester woman who can often be found in the morning yelling outside Mayor Wu's house in Roslindale switched things up yesterday and tried to interrupt a City Hall press conference about Marathon preparations - only to get arrested on charges of assault and battery on a police officer and disrupting the peace, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Catherine Theresa Vitale, 31, who has also traveled to state education headquarters to protest mask school mask requirements, and another woman "began shouting into megaphones" around 12:35 p.m. as Wu and local police officials were discussing how to keep Monday's race safe and how they would react to the New York subway shootings, the DA's office reports.

"Shame on Wu!" Vitale, who also had a whistle around her neck, and the other woman yelled.

Officers escorted both outside of the building, and they continued to shout through her megaphone at City Hall Plaza.

A crowd gathered around the two, and an employee of an area business approached police about the disruption to employees and customers. The officers instructed both individuals to stop. Vitale instead attempted to force her way back into City Hall by pushing an officer. Officers warned that she would be arrested if she continued, but the defendant continued to push the officer.

As she, an officer and a BPD sergeant were awaiting a prisoner-transport wagon across from the Old State House, failed City Council candidate Donnie Palmer came up, greeted the cops and tried to keep the two women from angrily denouncing the police, according to a video taken by one of their supporters. The women told him to go away and that they realized he was not really on their side because the cops were clearly taking Wu's side on whatever it was they were angry about.

Acting DA Kevin Hayden says there is the right to protest and then there is physical assault:

The right to protest and to dissent are central to our democracy and will be protected. Physical assaults, however, are not a valid form of protest.

Vitale was released on personal recognizance at her arraignment in Boston Municipal Court this morning. She then went back to City Hall, where she attended the City Council's regular Wednesday meeting - quietly, sitting behind City Councilor Frank Baker (Dorchester).

Innocent, etc.

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Must be nice to act like that without fear of being shot by police....

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Been shot by BPD? That’s right you’re trying to make something a race issue when it’s not.

Try harder!

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She pulled papers to run for the MA-7 congressional seat....where she'd go up against Punchy in the GOP primary.

The woman with Vitale was Padma Scott, who was filming Shana Cottone when she was denied service at the pizzeria a few months ago.

Another screwball in their orbit is former Green Party presidential candidate David Rohde, he of the President Assad badge.

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10 days ago she was getting ticketed for breaking the new neighborhood curfew rule (she “didn’t know”).


Her Twitter bio is “Just a lost girl trying to find her place in this fucked up world.” and I think she’s onto something. She needs help.

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Just had to make sure we know that Cattone is a anti vax anti mask BPD seargent who is placed on leave cuz of her inability to follow vax mandate.

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One little clown troop garnering an outsized amount of attention for their dumb antics.

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Don't blow a whistle in a cop's ear while humping his leg. They don't have to take that.


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If we had a "pissant of the year" contest, I would confidently nominate Catherine Theresa Vitale. Not suggesting that we start one as she would probably enjoy the fame and try to outdo herself the following year.

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Vitale is an ardent supporter of.....


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I’ve seen her driving around with a Shiva bumper sticker. Or maybe it was another morbidly obese woman who is one of Shiva’s 5 supporters but I’m guessing not.

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But can we try to confine ourselves to commenting on what she does and says, rather than her physical appearance?

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Protester Arraigned for Assault on Officer

BOSTON, April 13, 2022— A Dorchester woman was arraigned today for interrupting a Boston City Hall press conference with a megaphone, District Attorney Kevin Hayden said.

CATHERINE VITALE, 31, was arraigned today in the Central Division of Boston Municipal Court on charges of disturbing the police and assault and battery on a police officer. Judge Richard Sinnott released her on personal recognizance.

Note that the press release title says assault and the charge says assault & battery. The legal definitions are in the next paragraph. Assault and battery on a police officer is a serious misdemeanor. Gov Baker wanted to make it a felony but the legislature would not and for good reason. Assault is less serious charge than Assault & Battery.. Disturbing the police may be a typo, it may be, disturbing the peace. From the press release: "an employee of an area business approached police about the disruption"

Assault: attempting to use physical force against someone or showing an intention to use immediate force against someone.

Assault and Battery: deliberately making contact with someone without consent or in a way that's likely to cause physical harm..

The prior Suffolk Co DA made a point of not charging non-violent protestors or that's what I remember from the straight pride parade protests, arrests and arraignment. The interim DA is charging Ms. VITALE with assault and battery. While I think the charge fits her conduct under the 'without consent' clause which is enough. I don't think the way she made contact was likely to cause physical harm but that's not required, just one or the other. So, would the prior DA have charged something less or not at all in the interest of not criminalizing protest?

I'm not a fan of these protestors, I'm just interested in law enforcement also following the law, and how the DA uses prosecutorial discretion so that out justice system doesn't "criminalize" protest. The mayor should be able to hold press conferences without interruption. Protesters should be able protest without incurring a record for battery on a police officer. Do you agree?

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Do you really want to compare this to what happened to the counterprotesters at the Straight Pride parade? Because if so, I'd like you to google "Jack Danilecki" and tell me what you find.

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No. I'm comparing how the DA is charging and Straight Pride is the most well known event when the issue of prosecutorial discretion. became one of the biggest parts of the story.

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Alternate title: "Dorchester woman really needs better hobby, probably won't find one"

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I love this stuff.

Adam, you don't get paid enough.

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She is lovely... In a Waltham School Board meeting and she is not from that town. Slamming the parents she is there to "support"

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I'm walking to my apartment after getting lunch one day, and I see a bunch of crazy people (one of them claiming to be a schoolteacher) screaming at a bunch of kids with a megaphone in the middle of the day. The teachers were standing there terrified, completely unable to get these people to stop. I walked up to them and demanded that they stop yelling at a bunch of middleschoolers with a megaphone, and this freaking woman acts like it's her right to terrorize and bully children just because she doesn't like mask mandates.

I told Catherine Theresa Vitale what she was doing was a disturbance of the peace and most likely criminal harassment, and she told me it was "protected freedom of speech". I told the teachers what to tell the police about the laws and ordinances these people were breaking, and I haven't seen them since.

I have spoken to this person: Catherine Theresa Vitale is the lowest of the low. She is a mentally disturbed, delusional criminal. I hope they throw the book at her.

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