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Bag of bullets found at Boston Latin Academy

WFXT reports a bag of bullets was found on a Boston Latin Academy loading dock around 1:30 p.m. today.


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What caliber?

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The quotes in the article are hysterical. “We’re not talking about one bullet. We’re talking about a bag of bullets!” she said. “I refuse to send my baby back. I demand answers.”'

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the anguish of parents who hope their kids don't get shot at school. yes, pretty darn funny.

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Not like kids are getting shot in mass shootings at schools or anything like that.

My little cousin managed to escape the mayhem at Stoneman Douglas. I think his mom would like a word with you about all this "hysteria" you are whining about.

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“The one place that I’m thinking my child’s going to be safe, he’s not safe,” cried Seide.

“There needs to be metal detectors. I don’t care if it’s students or adults. Every building, every section, everybody needs to be checked,” added Seide. “School is supposed to be an educational place. Not a war zone.”

I think parents should be polled on this issue. If parents don’t feel their kids are safe and want stricter security measures in place, then it should be so.

Will BPS do this? Of course not. They go out of their way to limit public feedback from parents.

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