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Man shot in the arm on Hemenway Street in the Fenway

Live Boston reports a man in a car on Hemenway Street at Burbank Street was shot shortly after 5 p.m.

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It's almost 20 hours later and the only report we have on this shooting is from the Fox News of Boston (aka Live Boston)? Is the Globe's local reporting officially dead?!? I'm a bit shocked the Herald hasn't written a story about it being "only blocks away from mansions on Comm. Ave"

First of all, the shooting was around 3pm--not 5pm as reported by Live Boston.

It seems bizarre that BPD also hasn't given some kind of statement. Was this person shot at this location? Or were they shot somewhere else, drove and then pulled over here? Is the shooter at-large or have they arrested someone?

Did both BPD and local media all take yesterday off for Mother's Day?!?

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we need Uhub

Adam, thank you for staying on top of our local news!

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I 100% agree!!!

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Someone else’s report?

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I see you're new here. I've been linking to other folks' work since the beginning, way, way back in the early part of the century.

It's not reposting - that would be if I simply copied everything another site wrote and posted it here, photos and all. That's a no-no, for a variety of ethical and legal reasons. Instead, if I find something folks here might be interested in, I will link to it so they can read it on the other site. Yes, I typically provide a paragraph or two along with the link, to explain why you should click it.

Boston's a big (well, biggish) town and it's blessed with possibly way more news organizations and reporters per capita than most other places, and I'm just one guy sitting at a dining-room table, so I can't possibly cover everything, and at the same time, hopefully I provide some useful service by linking to breaking news elsewhere.

In terms of Live Boston specifically, I do have their permission to use some of their photos (the local, um, Webosphere is not some Hobbesian war). But if you click on the link, you'll see I didn't even do that in this case.

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to your snark

I want to reiterate my gratitude to Adam for providing a very useful service to our community

If you don’t find such re-postings helpful perhaps you would be happier reading some other website

In the meantime, please let the man work in peace

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There's a B-list celebrity in town for a trial; that is to the local news like a raw steak is to a panther. Good luck diverting their attention from that vital story

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Just be glad Tom Brady isn't leaving some sports team or tried on a new suit at Barneys in copley or used the rest room at the park plaza. The media would be all over this story for weeks.

Tom Brady Fever. Its what the media has when he needs attention.

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The reason I first came to uhub is because Adam was the only person who reported on an attempted robbery near my apartment at like on a early Saturday evening in front of a crowded bar. The robber fired and just missed shooting the victim in the face. I was sure this was going to be a big story especially since it happened near Back Bay. Never saw any mention of it outside of uhub.

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When all you had to worry about in that area was getting hit by a beer bottle cap flipped off the roof of one of those buildings that don't look like it but are college dorms. The idiots didn't even lock their front doors. I loved the way they'd scatter when I came roaring up the stairs. A much simpler time.

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