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Guy tries to rob Savin Hill liquor store with a sawed-off shotgun, gets nothing except a beatdown, flees after leaving shotgun behind

A man tried to hold up Savin Hill Wine and Spirits, 1051 Dorchester Ave. around 9:30 p.m., with a sawed-off shotgun, but instead got into a fight with store workers, who got the weapon away from him and beat him with it. Suspect is described as white, in a bright red hoodie under a black jacket, with black jeans and sneakers, and 5'4".

Live Boston got a copy of the surveillance video:



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did she take the cannolis?

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Nicest guys run this packy, really glad to hear no one got hurt, and the d-bag failed to the point he left the gun behind.

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They will likely catch him. He should’ve considered that he is in a height percentile of only 4% of the male population in America before going into crime.

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