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Two guns found at Charlestown High School; two teens charged

A 13-year-old and a 17-year-old were arrested today after Charlestown High School officials and police found two guns at the school.

The 13-year-old was arrested around noon after one gun, a 9-mm Glock, was found. About an hour later, the older teen was arrested on the discovery of a second gun.

The younger teen was ordered held in lieu of $2,500 bail on charges of illegal possession of a firearm not at work or home and illegal possession of ammunition, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office. The older teen will be arraigned tomorrow, the DA's office reports.

NBC Boston's Bianca Beltran reports that after the second gun's discovery, officials dismissed school for the day.



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The parents want them.

Why won’t BPS take appropriate measures to keep students and teachers safe?

Why are they not reporting crimes of assault and sexual abuse to the proper authorities?

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we literally had metal detectors there 15 years ago....

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Because not all parents want them and some people have strong feelings against metal detectors in schools. Some people feel that metal detectors create a prison-like experience for students and that creates more issues when you treat students like they are in a prison. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with either side of the issue, just trying to outline how many issues around student safety have strong opposing opinions.

That being said, Charlestown High already has metal detectors.

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They were removed because of Covid.

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Does Charlestown HS have metal detectors? Let me google that for you:

On arriving at CHS all students go through the metal detectors. This is part of our school's safety plan to make sure that our school is a safe, positive learning environment.

So are you being dishonest, or do you just not care what the facts are?

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The metal detectors were removed during COVID from the school. The school's site has not been updated to reflect that.

From the WCVB article on the incident yesterday:
“There was metal detectors here before. They were taken out due to COVID rules, since we had to be six feet. I feel like the metal detectors should have stayed in school,” said junior Brandon Myers.

“They took the metal detectors off and we never expected this to happen, so it's kind of surprising and scary,” senior Anyara Urbaez.

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The metal detectors were removed due to Covid.


Students said metal detectors were removed from the school during the pandemic.

“There was metal detectors here before. They were taken out due to COVID rules, since we had to be six feet. I feel like the metal detectors should have stayed in school,” said junior Brandon Myers.

Pete. You’re hurling insults and you’re wrong, but I won’t call you ignorant or a troll.

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I was wrong about the metal detectors. My apologies.

However, you're still a dangerous Qanon troll spouting malicious conspiracy theories about how
1) "CRT" in schools causes children to commit violence, specifically in Dedham https://www.universalhub.com/comment/890259#comment-890259


2) supreme court justices and anyone you disagree with are pro-pedophile.

...for starters

I don't hurl insults, I apply appropriate descriptors

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I do think teaching students from a standpoint of subjective or objective viewpoints about racial or ethnic divisions rather than overall human commonalities does create a splintered mindset that will always approach anyone or anything unlike themselves as an other and from a baseline of fear.

Does this mean the realities of racism and it’s path through history should not be taught? No. Civilizations throughout history have always created an other of another group to justify gains in power and these episodes and their repercussions should be understood thoroughly. Those who are in control of others know the power of tribalism and will always use it to their own advantage. It’s always been in play and we are the ones being played.

Secondly, I do think that being lenient on pedophiles rather than following through with a harsher punishment is something that does not keep children safe. This is a sensitive topic for many people and it was interesting to see the lengths some will go through to actually defend pedophiles, including arguing with the victim themselves.

I decided to look up a definition of Qanon. It says it’s a cult of people who believe in a “cabal of Satanic,[1][2][3] cannibalistic sexual abusers of children operating a global child sex trafficking ring conspired against former U.S. President Donald Trump during his term in office.”
They love trump and think he’s secretly fighting against this cabal of business leaders, Hollywood actors, and politicians going around eating and abusing children.

I don’t believe any of those things and I don’t like trump. I also don’t like torture. Saying those who comment online that “pedophiles should be tortured” sounds like it’s coming from “internet tough guys” is not much different than saying those who reply with “torture is wrong” in defense of a pedophile sound like they’re coming from someone trying to be “holier than thou,”especially when people on the thread calling for harsher punishments against pedophiles are actual survivors of abuse.

Wanting harsher laws against pedophiles doesn’t mean you believe in a satanic cult that eats children. You hurl insults every post and also wrote that because I want these laws, I am somehow destroying the fabric of society. I asked you what you think the appropriate punishment for the pedophile cop should be because you called someone a sociopath for saying moral ground is subjective in response to a commenter using a quote from the bible. You never answered. Somehow, it’s me destroying the fabric of society by asking you this question and not you going around accusing people of belonging to satanic cults.

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You can spend days trying to backpedal and obfuscate, but the evidence is in all your posts, so you're going to have to delete all those too.

You are a simple, overly verbose troll that joins in the right wing brigade painting anyone they disagree with as pedophiles. Yeah sure, "pedophiles should be tortured" is the exact same thing as saying "torture is wrong," I'm sure there are "good people on both sides," guy "who doesn't like Trump"

You parrot the conspiracy that secretly "CRT" (which is not really CRT, just a dumb term you right-wing conspiracy theorists were told by your racist leaders to call any hobby horse you dislike) is responsible for all manner of social ills, including the Dedham attack and childhood depression! Then you tell me, someone who tutors in schools weekly, that I don't know anything about the curriculum, but you do because you read some posts on a right wing message board.

The shoe fits, you're a right-wing, Qanon conspiracy theorist.

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Said go forward with torture, not me. You’re welcome to stay angry about that though. I don’t know what else to tell you.

That’s nice you tutor in schools and I’m sure you get feedback from students. What I write has nothing to do with reading anything online or anywhere else. I also talk to a number of students and families regularly and I am constantly hearing about learning centered around identity politics and intersectionality, which are two major components of CRT.

It absolutely is affecting the mental health of youth today, along with a number of other things like social media. It is one piece in a larger puzzle.

Label me how you want, just understand it is people like yourself that are responsible for the democrats not being able to hold onto gains made in this country. I’ve voted for democrats in every election for decades and its people like you that push people on the fence in the other direction.

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just can't admit you falsely accuse supreme court justices, writers, and random commenters on the internet of being pro-pedophile, so you keep sending up these noxious clouds of word vomit to try to obfuscate. I ain't angry, bro, I'm just not going to let you off the hook for it as you gaslight and pretend you're engaging in civil discourse. You're not, you're a full on Qanon with spellcheck.

That's not the democrats fault, that's your awful life choice. If you want to party with the weirdo conspiracy theorists, as you seem to do when you "talk to students and families about schools regularly," (haha) embrace it!

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A commenter made a statement on morals or the lack thereof and you called them a sociopath. I then asked you what you thought a proper sentence should be and you’ve since gone ballistic.

I never said pro pedophile anything. You are using those words. I said laws should be harsher and it shouldn’t be overlooked, regardless of the situation.

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You're a lying, gas-lighting sack of sh*t. You keep trying to find a sane way to backpedal and rephrase what you've said, but even when you twist it, it still sounds awful. Is it wrong to call someone advocating for torture a sociopath? This is how we got Abu Ghraib.

But it's worse than that. You said I was defending child molester officer Patrick Rose (yep it's in thread https://www.universalhub.com/comment/888274#comment-888274). My response to that has been measured, if anything, troll.

You have repeatedly implied I was pro-pedophile because I linked to a vox.com article explaining the pernicious evil of the republican pedophile attacks on Judge Brown, and because I told an advocate for state-sponsored torture that he was being a sociopath. Then you changed the subject to try to demand that I explain my personal sentencing guideline for pedophilia, something neither of us are well-equipped to do in an online forum. I am equipped to tell internet tough guys that torture is immoral, something that you called "holier than thou," demonstrating you're also not well equipped to employ the english language correctly. I am well equipped to call out gaslighting, Qanon adjacent internet trolls when they repeatedly stain this website.

You apparently, are only equipped to jump on the Qanon band wagon where you paint everyone you don't like (Judge Jackson, vox.com, any internet commenter who says torture is bad) as pro-pedophile, then try to lie about it later.

I suggest you do that elsewhere, because here you are exposing yourself as a malicious fool.

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You are the one who decided to call some random hyperbolic commenter who said torture isn’t enough for pedophiles an “Orwellian sociopath”…in the defense of a pedophile cop. I said that sounds holier than thou because, honestly, it was pretty bad timing. I don’t know what to tell you. That’s what happened.

Why don’t you repost the quotes I pulled from that stellar Vox article you found? Anyone can go back and read them and what I wrote about the issue and then see your reaction to it all. I’m not telling lies or backpedaling. The sentencing standards of many judges for pedophiles remains low, including one who was at the time being nominated for the Supreme Court. You got pissed because you don’t like reality and are trying to paint everyone you disagree with as some kind of extremist, all the while acting extreme yourself. I believe it is you who are on the fringe my friend.

And Pete, I disagree with torture and think it’s wrong. Take it easy. I also don’t understand why you can’t answer a simple question after all you’ve written, suddenly saying you’re not equipped for that.

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They talked to a student on the news that goes there and she said they do NOT have or use metal detectors in that high school - I understand that having them may not lead to the happiest entry into school but as a "survivor" of court ordered bussing in the City of Boston years ago - parents, teachers and certainly not students had no say whatsoever in what happened in the schools the administration or judge or whoever did and they did whatever they felt like doing not taking anyone's "hurt feelings" into consideration we had metal detectors and items still got snuck in - but in all honesty I don't remember hearing anything back then happening in the schools like we hear nowadays - we had police lining the hallways of the school and while those were turbulent days for everyone in the city for sure - something has to be done in these schools now because its not fair to the teachers that are "trying" to teach and for all the students that do want to learn.

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Reported that a father was flashing a gun at Madison Park earlier in the week. Took the school over 2 hrs to report the incident to BPD.

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The police were called during the incident and everyone involved ran. So no one stuck around to give information. The person who reported it received the info from other staffers. The police report is based off what they are told by the school admin. The cops that took the report were on a different district and did not respond to MadPk for the original incident. Don't believe everything you read.

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