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Teen arrested in Downtown Crossing for attack that included use of a shook-up soda can and the display of an unfolded folding knife, police say

Boston Police report arresting a 15-year-old in Downtown Crossing yesterday afternoon after the kid allegedly tried to end a fight between his crew and another group first by shaking up a can of soda and opening it up on them, throwing the can at them and then whipping out a folding knife and unfolding it in their direction.

Police say an argument between two groups around 6:30 p.m. on Washington Street near Bromfield Street - not far from where another group of teens set off fireworks about three hours earlier - turned stickily wet:

The victim stated that one of the juveniles took a soda, shook it up, opened the can, sprayed the contents all over them, then threw the can at them. The victim then stated that the male produced a folding knife, opened the knife, and brandished it at them. Officers were able to locate the group a short distance away and took the male into custody without incident.

The kid with the knife was charged with being delinquent by means of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - the shaken, opened, hurled soda can - and assault by means of a dangerous weapon, police say.


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I really think we need some prayer warriors for the youth situation in this city.

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Consequences. Even if it’s something like forced community service. Make them pick up dog shit for all I care.

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based solely on the crimes they're accused of committing, and not give then special treatment because of their age.

Want to argue all the BS "justifications" and "excuses" that the so-called "experts" have brainwashed society into believing are "legitimate concerns" over the past sixty years? Then let the suspect's lawyer do that at a jury trial.

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Relatively speaking anyway. There are the empty storefronts on Bromfield and the security focus more towards Winter St. And the stairs over the subway stop kind of block the view from the Millennial building entrance.

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Isolated? You couldn’t be more wrong about that intersection.

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Its so great you can watch teens knife fight in the Shadow of the Statehouse! You just knew something was missing, the homeless and mob of 11 yr olds menacing babies just needed this extra touch to make Downtown Boston a complete hellhole.

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Only outlaws will have shaken-up sodas.

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But throwing a metal can containing several ounces of liquid absolutely could injure -- not all that different from hurling a baseball at someone.

Kicking someone is considered assault and battery with a shod foot, assuming the assailant is wearing shoes. Ordinary items like even soda cans can easily become weapons depending on how they're used.

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