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Mildred Hailey teen charged with Mission Hill shooting in escalating gang war

Boston Police report the BPD gang unit arrested a 15-year-old in Heath Street Gang territory at the Mildred Hailey Apartments yesterday on charges he shot somebody on the Mission Hill turf of the Annunciation Road gang on May 11.

Police say a second teen, 17 and already behind bars on an unrelated charge, will also be charged in connection with the shooting at 17 Smith St., around 6:50 p.m. on May 11.

Police say the younger teen, too young to have his name publicly released, was charged with being delinquent for armed assault to murder, discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a building, carrying a dangerous weapon, unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition. Police add:

Separately, Officers executed a search warrant at the home of the 15-year-old juvenile and recovered a Keltec .380 firearm with four (4) rounds loaded in the magazine, a black Sig Sauer BB Gun, a black Remington BB Gun, and a replica Boston Police Detective Badge.

A long running feud between the two gangs has escalated in recent months. In April, members of the rival gangs took turns desecrating graves of murdered teens from each other's territories.



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Why does the city of Boston allow this gang war to continue month after month, year after year, and decade after decade?

Why do they allow the residents of these neighborhoods to be terrorized by a small subset of the population?

Why do they uphold a system that forces many young people into gangs?

It seems like they want the crime and chaos, but only in certain areas. It’s like they are running a system and actively choosing to do nothing because the people involved are or aren’t of a certain race. It’s…systemic.

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For kids joining gangs, the government is not Mom and Dad to it's citizens , blame actual Mom and Dads and the kids themselves.
99.9 percent of kids in Boston don't join gangs.

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It starts at home. Many of these homes, however, are part of government projects that produce a number of these gang members. They’re literally on the government payroll. Providing better services and education opportunities would help the situation. I don’t understand why more isn’t done, especially when so many people say that the government is the solution to societies ills and not individual citizens or private companies. This particular gang war is between two government housing projects.

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Both less than a mile from the bpd headquarters. They can see annunciation rd from their windows.

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As many of you know, I don't live in Boston but it still applies here.

This has to do with police. I live on a street with a lot of drug activity.. much of it is run by the gangs. Hoards of young people all night on bikes, meeting rando people for 5 minute chats and some quick hand exchanges. Considering who the buyers are, its definitely drugs. (and boy they get angry when the dealers won't sell to them)

Yes its gangs. I go to community meetings and am told it is gangs. Plus it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out its gangs. They all wear the same color, always travel in packs. Always have hoods up (and yes many still wear masks all the time).

Hell they even have a 'meeting' at 2am.. amazingly always in front of my house (and security cameras). At least a group of 20 or so.

I'm sorry, not for nothing, its 2am on a TUESDAY.. wtf are you doing out that late. Someone wise once said "nothing good happens after midnight". In this case it is true.

We're told in these meetings that "We're doing something, it takes time". And while I can respect that in a way, I've lived here 15 years and not much has changed. Different actors, but the same play. Every time.

I installed cameras because I was tired of noises night and wanted to prove.. to someone.. I wasn't making this up. I have hours and hours of footage that clearly shows activity overnight. I mean I have HD cameras, in clear view, well lit, so.. how much evidence do you need? And if I can see the activity on three cameras in the small view of my front yard... imagine what a cop in a car could see on the entire street.

I've tried to speak up and give local PD footage, and I just got "shrug". I've had a few cops over to get footage for other things, and I've mentioned the activity at night and how I have footage. And I just got a shrug as a response. They just didn't seem too concerned.

So I have to ask, where is the issue to getting this resolved? Seems like local PD don't want to do much about it. Combined with.. these gang members do not give a shit about anyone or anything. They are pretty fearless. They are dealing drugs out in the open with no discretion at all, cuz obviously the police aren't going to do anything, so why bother being discreet.

And FWIW, while it may seem local PD do nothing... they DO do something, and will bust one up. But the issue always comes back. And in fact, the last big bust they had, it involved federal law enforcement. (DEA) Not local PD.

It just doesn't happen enough to keep the issue at bay, nor is it really doing much help, as the gang will just 'regenerate' and new actors will come into view.

Much like the folks, I assume, at Mildred Hailey.. we're not terrorized, we're just tired of this crap. We've all complained and complained and nothing ever seems to get done.

I'm at my wits end on this issue, and am about to move to drastic measures to get this fixed (no, not violence). Maybe sending the footage to a few politicians, the AG, and the local media. This white dude will make some noise about this.. someone has gotta. Someone has to get results. If people listen to me cuz I'm white, then so be it.. to get results. But shame on them if they do, because it's sad that it takes someone who is white to get results, rather than listen to the PoC who are really affected by this.

PS - FWIW, one other issue at play with the gangs, especially when the area is immigrant heavy. Immigration issues are used as a way to threaten people and keep them silent. The gang will tell people they will report them if they snitch. Many immigrants fear deportation, so they stay silent.

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the younger kids see the older kids in gangs with money, nice clothes, and street respect and get into the game early. the schools in the city are a joke and are lucky to steer a small percentage of these kids into the right direction (college). many of these kids say "fuck it" early on because college and a job don't seem viable when they are hanging out with drug dealers with guns in their pockets, unafraid to kill or be killed. the gang is their family, their life. they figure it all either ends on the street or in a prison. even if they do try to take things in the right direction they are often ridiculed and endangered by other kids in the neighborhood. the smart kids trying to make it to college and get out become targets and are perceived as thinking they are better than the kids running with the gangs. many of these gang kids come from broken homes. fathers might be in jail, dead, still in gangs or just long gone. mom might be struggling, working her ass off trying to get them out, or maybe she's still out on the street, running with the scene. many of these young men start having children at early ages which starts the cycle all over again. i think a lot of kids and families do get out and move on to better lives but i think you will always have the gangs and the violence unless something miraculous occurs.

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Kids realize they have snowballs chance in hell of ever renting let alone owning a home anywhere but the projects. They know their living situation is precarious, ass is their schooling (schools close all the time, or switch admin) as is their social group (kids get gentrified out or get seriously injured/killed, go to jail). Their mom and dad are certainly out running the streets and working when they're not. Or just absent.

This city is designed for rich, white, college-educated, people over 21.

They are black, minors, poor, and undereducated through BPS.

They're not unaware of this. Theyrre not totally wrong that without something miraculous or exceptional intelligence AND.work ethic most of them will not make it very far. Most people aren't exceptional, just average. These are average kids in a tough spot and they're following a bunch of bad decision makers. And honestly??? The city and Police don't care that much. I can promise you they dont.

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BPD gang unit arrested a 15-year-old

Excuse me if you've heard this before . . .

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