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Gunfire on Crawford Street followed by arrests after crowd gathers around police

Gunfire scene on Crawford Street

Gunfire scene on Crawford Street. Photo by Live Boston.

Live Boston reports at least five shots were fired on Crawford Street at Humboldt Avenue shortly after 2 p.m.

When officers stopped a car that might be connected to the gunfire a short distance away, Live Boston reports, officers were surrounded by a crowd. Three men were arrested on various charges, one for assault and battery on a police officer resulting in injury.

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The community is under a lot of stress because the rents too dam high and gas and food prices have exploded. The police are under a lot of stress because crime on the streets and subways are exploding and they are being blamed for all of society's ills. When a stressed out kid with a gun squares off with a stressed out cop with a gun this summer the city will explode and our political leaders at the National and local level will head to Martha's Vineyard and blame the community or the cops for the surge in violence and crime while they sip their cocktails on Fantasy Island.

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When there are bike lanes to be fighting for.

Kidding. It looks like it is becoming more often that cops will be battling crowds of people when trying to make a single arrest, in turn leading to more arrests. I think people need a refresher on the meaning and consequences of resisting arrest.

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With respect to charging people. Resisting arrest is a completely warranted charge in this scenario, and should be prosecuted fully. We can’t expect police officers to put up with this nonsense when they are just trying to do their jobs.

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I am glad the community isn't being passive when they see something awry, I think the police should always be recording and moving in teams.

Both sides are trying to protect themselves from each other. As crime goes up this will have to be dealt with, hopefully before people are hurt.

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