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Owner of Mass and Cass pizza place attacked with metal object

WFXT reports the owner of New Market Pizza - in the unusual domed building at Mass and Cass - went outside yesterday afternoon to stop some guy who was throwing things at the windows after being ejected and wound up getting hit in the head with a metal object, which opened up a gash that required stitches to close.

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So (most of ) the tents are gone. The people are still there. The drugs and drug addicts are still there. The trash is still there. The 24/7 danger is still there. I cant imagine how bad it is to be running a business, or being a police officer, or living in that area.

See for yourself. Tell me what has changed.

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Drove down Southampton street the other day and was stunned at the hundreds of the helpless lined up and down the street. Plans A,B,C and D have failed time for plan E.

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It was a branding design by the Colonial Gas company:

There are others in Stoneham, on Route 99 in Malden north of Eastern Avenue and one in Woburn center.

I see everything is back to normal at Mass and Cass. I'm glad all those "You Behave Or We Will Throw Away The Key" orders from judges are working out so well for the neighborhood.

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I drive by here almost daily. It is a complete disaster. Wu got rid of some tents, and apparently provided some housing. But the disaster that is Mass and Cass is still there, in full force.

It is clear to me that the government(s) are unwilling or unable to solve this . There is no reason to believe anything will change.

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Don't worry everyone. The City of Boston has a nice webpage, with charts, and graphics, and bullet points, and buzzwords. Lots of buzzwords.

"Harm reduction", "equity-focused", evidence-based, "public health-led", strategic direction. All apparently well meaning, but Mass and Cass is still a disaster


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I just came home after traveling via The Methadone Mile. On the trip out to an appointment, I saw at least two people nodding off on the sidewalk along Southampton Street.
Coming home there were at least a half dozen people in various stages of a stupor walking/weaving on the street in traffic. Another person nodding off and one fight involving three people.
This is a problem largely created by the city. The centralized services in that area has attracted not only the people who are in need of those services, but it also brings drug dealers, human traffickers and any other unsavory type looking to prey upon those unfortunates down there.
A failure all around. Lots of talk and that's it. Seeing is believing. Take a ride for yourself and see.

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things i have seen on that block, in plain view of BPD:

- one person helping another person find a vein in their neck to inject into.
- countless drug deals. these were so blatant it may as well have been a scene from the hamsterdam plot from the wire
- a woman, very late into a pregnancy, shooting up next to BMC

and while I have not personally witnessed this, people I trust completely have seen people in various sex acts the corner of mass and Southampton.

and to the city of boston: decentralize services from this area. and FFS, get long island opened up again. put entry tolls on every road leading from quincy into boston to pay for it. north and west pay tolls to enter boston, its time the towns to the south do likewise.

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When I biked home from the Strand Theatre on the night of June 17, the north sidewalk of Southampton Street, between Glynn Way and Mass. Ave., was full of homeless people. I don't know if anything has improved since then, but I doubt it. This is the only place in all of Boston where I feel uneasy riding at night, and I would never walk there.

(Anyone biking or driving from Uphams Corner up Mass. Ave. towards the South End is forced to go this way, due to the one-way street configuration around Newmarket Square.)

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