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Man charged with sexually attacking child at Dorchester festival on Saturday; also allegedly got on all fours and barked at two dogs

A Dorchester man told by police to leave the Little Saigon Cultural District's Night Market on Dorchester Avenue Saturday night for being drunk returned an hour later and grabbed a child by the shoulders and kissed the little kid, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

The child's parent immediately confronted Hung Tran, 54, the DA's office says:

Tran flailed his arms and legs and then walked back to the direction of Dorchester Avenue. Nearby vendors witnessed the assault and alerted police. As officers approached Tran, they observed him kneel on all fours, approach two dogs and bark at the animals. Officers then escorted Tran away from the festival area and placed him in handcuffs, which he initially resisted.

He was arraigned Monday in Dorchester Municipal Court on a charge of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 and disturbing the peace. Judge Erika Reis sete bail at $1,500, ordered him to stay away from the victim, undergo a mental-health evaluation and stop drinking.

Innocent, etc.



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was in Boston a few days before his climate change speech.

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That's your comment on this story?

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How frightening for the child and parents.

Not something to make jokes about.

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