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Northern Ireland sports star who'd hoped to make his name here now faces charges he stomped a man outside a South Boston bar

A Gaelic football star from Northern Ireland who moved to South Boston earlier this year was arraigned today on charges he punched and then kicked a man outside the Lincoln Tavern so hard the man could lose a kidney.

Ciaran McFaul, 28, had bail set at $5,000 on charges of assault and battery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon causing serious bodily injury for what the Suffolk County District Attorney's office calls an unprovoked attack at closing time on June 20. According to the DA's office:

At around 2:00 a.m. on June 20, a heavily intoxicated McFaul was kicked out of Lincoln Tavern and Restaurant following his attempts to start fights inside the establishment. On West Broadway outside the tavern, he encountered three men and assaulted the group. He punched one victim three times in the face, causing the victim to fall to the ground. He then kicked the victim in the abdomen at least five times with a shod foot. The victim suffered serious internal injuries including a stage four kidney laceration and internal bleeding. He was hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit of Brigham and Women’s Hospital for two days and risks the complete loss of one kidney as a result of the unprovoked attack.

The Irish News reports McFaul quit or was released from his Derry team in April, just before the provincial championship.

The Glen man is understood to be bound for America to play football for the summer, returning to Donegal Boston where he stood out during the club’s championship success in 2018.

According to the DA's office, McFaul set up housekeeping in South Boston. In a statement, acting DA Kevin Hayden said:

This man’s hunger for violence resulted in potential life-long impacts on a victim who was doing nothing more than standing on a street corner with friends. We will ensure that he is held accountable for the harm he inflicted.

Innocent, etc.

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Last I checked, 2am was closing time with alcohol usually, but not always, last poured oh around 1:45am-ish. If this guy was “thrown out” after being in there for what appears to be a substantial part of time being over-served and/or causing problems, I’d say the bar’s lawyer is going to be busy.

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I read all of this in a Belfast accent.

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Deport this loser.

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That would certainly be one result of a conviction.

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There may already be, but if not, there should be an increased police presence on Broadway at closing time. Full details at each bar. That is a congested area of bars letting out with much potential for bad happenings.

As for Mr. Mcfaul, what shite had he have to been up to to be kicked off a major team as one of it’s stars. I’d bet he’s in the process of bee-lining it back to Ireland. Should have no bail and when convicted do 5 years minimum then be deported.

Hope his victim recovers fully.

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His passport, so he probably won’t be going too far.

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He may play Gaelic, but he's also a subject of the Crown.

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He should supply the victim with one of his own kidneys, if they’re any good.

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This never would have hapened in Old Southie.

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An Irishman getting arrested? Probably right.

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you're right, in old southie the degenerate locals would stand outside a bar and heckle people coming home from for wearing suits.

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Whitey kept the Northern Ireland sports stars out of Southie.

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