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No bail for man charged as gun-toting Mass and Cass drug dealer

A Dorchester man with a record going back to 1988 was ordered held without bail after his arrest last week on drug and gun charges at Mass and Cass, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Keon Leary, 43, was arrested Aug. 12 after selling drugs to an undercover cop from a mini-drugstore in his backpack, the DA's office says:

On August 12, Boston police conducting operations near Mass and Cass became aware that Leary was selling drugs in the area. Officers identified Leary’s car and deployed an undercover officer. After the officer purchased drugs from Leary, other officers moved in and arrested him.

In Leary’s backpack and car officers found a .22-cal Taurus pistol loaded with nine rounds, 20 plastic bags containing fentanyl, more than 30 plastic bags containing crack cocaine, 41 Gabapentin pills, one plastic bag of cannabis and $8,994 in cash.

He was charged with trafficking fentanyl, trafficking cocaine, carrying a loaded firearm without a license (third offense), illegal possession of ammunition and a variety of other drug and gun charges, the DA's office says.

At his arraignment in Roxbury Municipal Court yesterday, Judge Debra DelVecchio found Leary dangerous, which means he will be held for at least 120 days. She said bail after that for $25,000.

Innocent, etc.

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